Free Actor Resume Template and How to Write Yours Properly

The actor resume template can help guide you when you need to write your own. The template offers a fast and quick solution so you can compose and build your own resume without having to start it from the scratches, as well as a reference to see how the formatting should be and what important information you should include.


Beginner Actor Resume

With the abundance of actor resume template you can discover out there, you do not need to worry even if you start your acting career only recently. The main rule you should follow when writing the beginner resume is to keep it simple. And although there may be a lot of white space, be sure to format the resume well so it may look pleasing to the eye and professional.

Plus, do not get tempted to lie in your resume. That’s a big no. Even if you lack the professional experience, bear in mind that any experience is experience. Apart from that, if you’ve got any training do not hesitate to put it in bold in your beginner’s resume to draw the attention. This can prove that you’re serious.

Resume for Student Actor

When you’re a student or a fresh grad, you may get tempted to fill the resume with courses, credits, master classes… when keeping it simple still an advice that applies here. While it’s true that a little name dropping may help, do not go overboard. Even if you list the class you ever took, don’t try too hard to impress by stating your actual skill level.

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Rather, it’s always a good advice to focus on using the type of yours. Let the directors know how they can cast you, such as by listing the roles you have played that you could do again. Plus, it’s recommended for you to list your professional credits to the top and your educational credits to the bottom. Eventually, there will be no need to list your college and high school credits at all.

Resume for Pros

For professional actors, the contents included in the resume will be least likely about training and educational and community theatre credits. Your stats, such as height, weight, and vocal range, are also gone.

It’s because as a pro, the casting directors now already know both of you and your work. At the same time, rather than serving as an introduction, your resume has become more of a reminder. Plus, you’ve already got a manager or agent to land calls for casting.

Then what you should put first? Is it TV and film, theatre, or commercial? Well, it always depends on what you wish to pursue. If you want to pursue theatre, then put the theatre credits at the top, for example.

While the actor resume template can serve as a guide for you, eventually, there are no two resumes that will appear exactly the same. This, again and again, depends on what you wish to pursue. Be creative and do not forget to keep your resume looking clean and professional.

Actor Resume Template Sample :

Theatre Actor Resume

Theatre Actor Resume

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