Decent Design of Certificate of Completion Template for Any Occasions

One of the types of certificate that has its own occasions to use is completion certificate that can actually be created out of many options of certificate of completion template available. Surely today it is really easy to find the examples of template referring to certificate of completion as well as any other type of certificate. So, what things that should be there in this particular type of certificate?


Important Names

Surely within the certificate of completion there will be some names. Those names are all the essential names involved in the certificate of completion itself. It should be started with the name of the one issuing and giving the certificate. If it is a company then the company name should be at the top most section of the certificate. The name of the company should be the largest part of the certificate itself. Following the company or institution name there should also be the name of the one given the certificate. Surely at the very bottom section there should also the name of people responsible for the issue of the certificate alongside their signature.

Certificate Purpose

Aside of the clear fact that the certificate is actually given in purpose of completing something surely that thing has to be stated clearly within the certificate of completion template itself. So the clear information regarding the completed thing which has been done by the one given the certificate should be stated there right below the name of the person itself. Usually it is expressed by using the words “to certify that” or even “for successfully completing”. There are many other ways to express this part for sure.

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Time of Issue

One more essential aspect of the certificate specifically designed to emphasize a completion of something is the time of issue. It is essential since some of the certification need to be renewed after a certain period of time. Moreover in some occasions when the certificate is needed there is also a limit of time that the certificate is issued. One example is a TOEFL certificate that should not be more than 2 years for the purpose of applying for studying abroad.

Creating a specific certificate for completion of something is actually an easy thing to do when there are so many templates available and even for free. Yet, one thing to pay attention in being able to create the perfect certificate is to make sure that it looks elegant since it is considered as a formal certificate. Thus be sure to avoid such colorful design with unique and cute looking symbols and everything else.

A specific certificate designed for completion of something should be designed properly since it is considered as a formal certificate. The name of the company and the one given the certificate, the purpose of the certificate, as well as the time of issue should all be there included in the actual certificate out of the so-called certificate of completion template itself.


File Description File size Downloads
doc preschool diploma certificate sunshine design 302 KB 633
doc certificate of achievement 428 KB 686
potx certificate of completion template 2 MB 703
pdf certificate of graduation 319 KB 609
doc diploma certificate 140 KB 708
doc elementary school diploma certificate ruler design 456 KB 630
doc graduation card outside diploma design half fold 1 MB 592
doc jr high school diploma with tree 362 KB 571
pdf pre kindergarten graduation certificate 280 KB 556
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