5+ Printable Puppy Shot Record

It is nice to have some puppies at home. When you decide to take care of a puppy, you agree to give food, drink, and attention. Puppies need a lot of attention, including in terms of health. Because many germs can stick easily to your pets. To make it easier for you to take care of puppies, it is better to use a good and quality printable puppy shot record.

Maintaining the health of your pet dog is important because it is one of your responsibilities. There are several things you need to pay attention to when deciding to keep a puppy.


What Diseases Can Potentially Affect Puppies?

Get started on a schedule before giving your puppy an injection. There are several types of injections that you should pay attention to, each of which has a different dosage and schedule.

Giving vaccines for puppies is important because there are lots of diseases that can potentially affect your puppy. Here are some of the diseases:

Canine Distemper

This type of disease can be transmitted through the air from infected animals. Not only by air, but other intermediaries are also food or containers that are shared. Symptoms of infected animals include paralysis, fever, cough, and diarrhea.

Bordetella Bronchiseptica

The second disease commonly experienced by puppies is transmitted by Bordetella Bronchisepta. This bacterium is very contagious, with some symptoms such as whooping, seizures, vomiting, and can even cause death.

This type of vaccine is highly recommended for those of you who have a puppy because the certificate is used in several conditions.

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Corona Virus

The coronavirus is also a problem for puppies, although it does not belong to the most serious problem. Signs of a puppy infected with the coronavirus include vomiting, diarrhea, and reduced appetite. With treatment from a doctor, the symptoms experienced by the puppy will be lighter.

You need to remember that this coronavirus is different from the one that infects humans (COVID-19).


The next disease is rabies which attacks the central nervous system in puppies. Some of the symptoms shown include paralysis, anxiety, hallucinations, profuse salivation, and death.

The best way to deal with it is to hand it over to the vet right away. Rabies is classified as dangerous, but giving the vaccine should not be done carelessly. It is best to consult with an expert first.

When Should You Start Giving Puppy Vaccines?

Vaccinations for puppies are different from each other. It is influenced by several factors, including the place of residence. You should discuss your puppy’s condition first before deciding the schedule and what type of vaccine is needed.

  • If your puppy is about 6 until 8 weeks, the recommended vaccinations are parvovirus, dan distemper.
  • If your puppy is about 10 until 12 weeks, the recommended vaccinations are DHPP, parvovirus, and parainfluenza.
  • If your puppy is about 16 until 18 weeks, the recommended vaccinations are DHPP and rabies.
  • If your puppy is about 12 until 16 months, the recommended vaccinations are DHPP and rabies.
  • Your puppy needs DHPP vaccination every 1 to 2 years.
  • Your puppy needs rabies vaccination that has been required by law every 1 until 3 years.
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How Much Does Vaccination Cost?

Talking about the cost, of course, it is different from each other. This can not be generalized to each other because it depends on your vet. The price of a vaccine is not something fixed. It is better to look for the best place that is already trusted and has many customers.

Some people say to do your puppy vaccine at home, but it’s better to entrust it to a professional.

Some Printable Puppy Shot Record You Can Download

There are several health records for puppies that you can choose and set yourself. All the designs are elegant with a simple yet easy layout.

Animal shot record

This design is both simple and elegant because you can put several things on one page. For example vaccinations, genealogy, photos, and other necessary information.

Animal shot record

Animal shot record


Some of the columns and rows in this record look neat, so you don’t have to flip through them. Choose this design to get the best result.

Dog  Puppy Sale Report

The second recommendation is the bill of sale for dogs/puppies. Just like before, you also need to use only one page to cover all the data from the puppy. On one page there is the name of the seller, the buyer, and the complete description of the dog.

Dog Puppy Sale Report

Dog Puppy Sale Report


The complete information consists of name, date of birth, sex, color, and other things. This record is recommended for you who need a simple document.

Dog Health Record

Do you like simple and great designs? If you do, then the choice of these formats is the best solution. There are several forms available, all of which are easy for you to use including for puppy purposes.

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Dog Health Record

Dog Health Record


All designs from this selection have clear fonts, bold columns, and are easy to use. We recommend you choose this design to get the practice format.

Printable puppy shot record

This print has 3 pages, starting from the disease or virus, type of vaccine, and puppy health records. There is also a puppy’s history that you can add.

printable puppy shot record

printable puppy shot record


This design is suitable for those of you who need detailed information in simple columns and rows. There’s also a cute puppy logo that you can see at the bottom of the document. The color of this record is also simple and elegant, making your design look classy and detailed.

Puppy shot record information

While the last design is a simple printable pet information sheet made simply. Some of the information written on it includes the pet’s name, doctor’s name, telephone number, allergies, and medical health.

puppy shot record information

puppy shot record information


There is also additional information or data that includes your puppy’s history. Use this design as the best solution for your puppy record.

That’s all some explanation about puppy vaccinations that should be given. You can use the best printable puppy shot record that appropriately suits your needs. We suggest you choose our sample above.