Email Invoice Template


How To Prepare Email Invoice Template

Sometimes, we will need the use of email invoice template, especially when we will send some service for our client. The use of the invoice template is very important for the business needed. In common, to make the invoice template, we will use the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel program. Here, we will talk about some details in how to prepare making the email invoice. Maybe, you will need this way to create your own.

Details to add on an invoice

Well, based on the use of the email invoice, you need to know the legal requirement for it. By the legal requirement, of course the need to the transaction could be handle well. Then, what are the details of the invoice, which should be added in that invoice? See some details below.

For the first matter in making the invoice, you should add the detail of the company. In this part, the information about the name of the company, the address of it, the telephone number, the VAT registration number, and others, should be added. The clear data about the company will ease the user and the customer to clear their transaction. It also will ease the customer especially when they want to do some claims.

Then, the second part is the invoice number. In the email invoice template, you need to add the invoice number. The number of the invoice should be unique and it is also called as the letter. An example of the email invoice number is IMB0001, or others.

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The next part of the email invoice template should consist the date of the raised invoice and the date of the payment. Inside the template, the client details also should be added correctly. See some examples of it through the internet if it is needed.

email invoice template should consists of several points, which will important to make it legal.