17 Free Employee Incident Report Template

Hopefully, the employee incident report template records only a few bad events. On the other hand, you do not hope any infamy befall your employee. If it happens, you feel the loss because your employee is sick and cannot work for you. This means your business cannot finish the schedule, program, or product on time. You might finish it on time, but with some hard work. Do not let the sample employee incident report template wait for downloading.


What is an Employee Incident Report Template?

A template is a pre-designed document used to record incidents that happen at work. It helps track daily activities, progress, and any problems that occur.

What Should Be Included?

It should include these details:

  • Report Date: The date when the report is made.
  • Employee Details: The employee’s name, position, and contact information.
  • Description of the Incident: A clear account of what happened.
  • Injuries: Any injuries the employee got, including the affected body parts and how bad they are.
  • Witnesses: Names and contact information of any witnesses.
  • Actions Taken: What was done immediately to address the incident and help the employee?

Who Should Use It?

It should be used by:

  • Supervisors: To monitor and document incidents on-site.
  • Managers: To track incidents and ensure proper follow-up.
  • HR Personnel: To handle workplace safety, keep records, and manage compensation.

When to Use It?

Use an employee incident report template whenever an incident happens. This helps you document all the details immediately and ensure the incident is properly followed up on. Reporting incidents on time is very important. It helps in dealing with the situation quickly and keeping accurate records.

Why is Timely Reporting Important?

  • Quick Response: Allows for immediate action, which can prevent further harm.
  • Accurate Records: Helps understand what happened and how to prevent it in the future.
  • Proper Follow-Up: Ensures all necessary steps are taken to address the incident and support the employee.
  • Legal Compliance: Helps meet legal and safety rules at the workplace.
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Using a template right after an incident ensures that nothing is missed and everything is handled correctly. This makes your workplace safer and more organized.

17 Employee Incident Report Template Ideas for reporting any Incident in the Workplace

By the way, today’s employee incident report template sample covers 17 items. The free printable is excellent quality because of the free customizing feature. Whoever uses the template will feel happy because it is a time, money, and energy saver. It sounds perfect, and yes, of course. That is why many people like this site because the templates always look professional.

You do not need to talk too much on this page. Therefore, let’s see 17 items of the printable employee incident report template:

  1. Sample Report Form or Template of Employee Report for any Incident or Injury

  2. Word Employee Report Format for Incident

  3. Blank Form for Incident Report for Employee

  4. Report of Employee Incident Template

  5. Ai, Pages, Word, and PDF Template Formats of Incident Report for Employee

  6. Report of Generic Incident for Employee in Pages and Word

  7. Pages and Word Simple Report Template for Employee Incident during Training

  8. Report of IT Management for Employee Incident in Word Template

  9. Pages Template for Professional Employee Incident Report

  10. Report of Employee Incident in Simple Word and Pages Templates for HR

  11. Word and Pages Templates for Report of General Employee Incident

  12. Editable Pages and Word Templates for Reports on IT Employee Incident

  13. Employee Report for Workplace Incident Templates Pages and Word

  14. Docs, Word, and Pages Employee Report Templates for Incident

  15. Incident Report for Employee in Pages, Docs, and Word Templates

  16. Pages, Word, and Docs Incident Report Templates for Employee in Worker’s Compensation Witness

  17. Word Incident Template for Employee Report

Blank Employee Incident Reporting Form

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Download Employee Incident Report Format in Word


Employee Incident Report Template



Sample Incident or Injury Report Form


Some Essential Things from the Templates and the Incident Report for Employee

Here, this page shows some points about the advantages of the report and the templates for both parties. Both parties mean the user of the report and the employee:

Prompt Action:

You can take action as your responsibility form when your employees get hurt when working for you.

Accurate Compensation:

The report can ease your duty in determining the right compensation for the employee who suffered the incident. By the way, the report notes the magnitude of the incident for which you must compensate.

Structured Input:

The template you downloaded has brought a pre-fabricated structure to input the employee and incident information.


Although the template is a time-saver, you can present a complete report easily.


The customizable feature allows you to modify the template conveniently to suit your workplace needs.

How to Use an Employee Incident Report Template

1. Download the Template

First, choose and download the template that fits your needs.

2. Fill in Employee Details

Enter the employee’s name, position, and contact information.

3. Describe the Incident

Include details about what happened, where, and when the incident occurred.

4. Report the Injury

Describe any injuries sustained, including the body part affected and the severity.

5. Record Witnesses

List any witnesses and their contact information.

6. Action Taken

Document any immediate actions taken to address the incident and provide care.

7. Supervisor’s Comments

Include comments from the supervisor or manager who reviewed the incident.

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8. Review and Submit

Review the report for accuracy and completeness, then submit it to the relevant department.

How do you share an employee incident report with the team?

You can share the report with your team in several ways:

  • Email: Send the report as an attachment to your team members.
  • Cloud Storage: Upload the report to services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Share the link so everyone can access it.
  • Project Management Software: Use tools like Asana, Trello, or Monday.com to share and update the report in real time.

Are There Mobile Apps for Creating Employee Incident Reports?

Yes, mobile apps let you create and update incident reports on the go. Some popular apps include:

  • Procore: Helps manage construction projects, including incident reports.
  • Fieldwire: You can track daily activities and share reports with your team.
  • Raken: Designed specifically for daily construction reporting, making it quick to create professional reports.

These apps ensure your reports are always up-to-date and easily accessible from anywhere.

Use an Employee Incident Report Template for Multiple Incidents

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Customize for Each Incident: Modify the template to fit each specific situation. This ensures that all necessary details are included for each incident.
  2. Save Time: Using the same template saves time because you don’t have to create a new report for every incident.
  3. Ensure Consistency: Using the same format will ensure consistency in your reports, making it easier to compare and review them.

It helps keep your reporting process efficient and organized.

Okay, that’s detailed information on the employee incident report template printable. Hopefully, the report will remind employees to be careful and minimize employee incidents. Good luck!