10 Free Absence Report for Employees & Students

Having an absence report by school, company, university, and others is important. It is useful to forecast the liveliness of the student or the employee. Teachers or lecturers must consider the final assessment at the end of the semester. In other words, it adds scores besides getting from the tests. Meanwhile, employers need to consider an additional salary besides the basic. Learn more through some sample absence report templates below. It provides a tool and guides one to learn the writing report skill.


Tips for reducing the Student’s or Employee’s Absence

Here are some tips to help manage and reduce absences among students or employees:

  1. Improve Incentives: Offer better salaries or grades for good attendance.
  2. Flexible Hours: Provide flexible working or school hours.
  3. Pleasant Environment: Maintain a positive and pleasant environment.
  4. Monitor Trends: Use tools to detect and monitor absence trends.
  5. Return-to-Work Interviews: Conduct interviews when employees or students return from an absence.
  6. Clear Policies: Establish clear and fair absence policies without exemptions.

Benefits of Using Absence Report Templates

Using absence report templates offers several benefits:

  1. Saves Time: Templates make the process of creating reports quick and easy.
  2. Ensures Consistency: All reports follow the same format, making them easier to read and understand.
  3. Improves Accuracy: Detailed templates help ensure all necessary information is included.
  4. Enhances Record Keeping: Organized reports provide a clear record of attendance.

Who Should Use an Absence Report Template?

An absence report template should be used by:

  1. Teachers: To track student attendance and identify patterns.
  2. Lecturers: To monitor class attendance in universities and colleges.
  3. Managers: To keep track of employee attendance and performance.
  4. Anyone Responsible for Tracking Attendance: To ensure accurate and consistent attendance records.
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How to Create an Absence Report

To create one of the sample templates above, you only need five ways to undertake it. It starts at:

Use the right tool

Talking about the right tool, you have ten tools at a glance that come in handy for various necessities. The printable absence report above is effective for everyone to use. Easy to make, flexible, free downloading and editable are mandatory.

Record the Absence in Detail

After getting the right tool, start creating it by detailing the employee, student, or staff who was absent.

Record the absence date.

Besides that, remember to record the date and day when they are absent.

Clarify the type of absence.

Next, add the type of absence, such as going on vacation, sick, duty out of town, or others.

Write the reason for the absence.

Meanwhile, the reason for absence must also be in the report, but it must be exact. This method is useful for rating discipline and indiscipline.

10 Absence Report Templates in Word and PDF

By the way, learning to write reports is so important for obvious reasons. It influences the salary or the score. The teachers/ lecturers and all staff in the academic environment also get the salary.

Therefore, the manager or a related person must make a report of absence for them. But do not worry—this page is the best place to learn it.

Firstly, you will simply see the ten absence report samples below. Free downloading is a must, and it is available in PDF and Word file formats:

  1. Report of  School Staff Absence

  2. Employee Report for Absence

  3. Faculty Report of Absence for Employee

  4. Duty Report Absence

  5. Report on Employee Absence

  6. Report for Absence for Notification of Sickness

  7. Student Report for Absence

  8. Absence/ Leave Report at University

  9. Annual Report of Absence of Sickness

  10. Verification Report of Daily Attendance


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Absence from duty request or report

Absence from duty request or report_PDF


Daily Attendance Verification Report


Annual Sickness Absence Report



Employee Absence Form



Employee Absence Report



Faculty Absence Report


Leaves Absence Report



notification of absence form



School Absence Report


Student Absence Report



How to Use an Absence Report Template

Download the Template

Find and download an absence report template that suits your needs.

Customize the Template

Modify the template to fit your needs, such as adding your school or company’s logo.

Fill in the Attendance Data

Enter the details of the absences, including names, dates, types of absences, and reasons.

Analyze the Data

Use the completed template to look for patterns and trends in attendance.

Report on Attendance

Share to inform them about attendance patterns and any necessary actions.

Customize an Absence Report Template

You can modify an absence report template to fit your specific needs by:

  1. Adding Specific Sections: Include sections that are relevant to your organization.
  2. Inserting Your Logo: Add your school or company’s logo to make the report official.
  3. Changing the Format: Adjust the layout and design to match your preferences.
  4. Including Additional Information: Add any other important details for your attendance tracking.

How Can an Absence Report Help Improve Attendance?

Regular absence reports can help improve attendance by:

  1. Identifying Patterns: Spotting trends in absences can help address underlying issues.
  2. Highlighting Areas for Improvement: Pinpointing specific areas where attendance is lacking.
  3. Encouraging Accountability: Making students or employees more aware of their attendance.
  4. Supporting Decision-Making: It helps make informed decisions about attendance policies and interventions.

Common Challenges in Managing Absence Reports

Managing absence reports can sometimes be challenging. Here are some common challenges and solutions:

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Incomplete Data

Sometimes, the absence reports may need more information.


Ensure all required fields are filled out, and regularly review reports for completeness.

Inconsistent Reporting

Different staff members may record absences differently.


Provide training and clear guidelines on how to fill out the absence reports.

Delayed Reporting

Absences should be recorded promptly.


Set clear deadlines for when absence reports should be submitted and use reminders.

Data Overload:

Too much data can be overwhelming to analyze.


Use templates to organize data clearly and focus on key metrics.

Lack of Follow-Up:

Absence reports are filed but not acted upon.


Regularly review the reports and take action on any issues or trends identified.

Well, that is detailed information on the absence report printable, how to create it, and tips to manage absence. It sounds complete, and yes, it is so complete. Good luck!