10 Kinds Of Business Activity Report Template

Do you work in a certain business industry? If so, there must be various activities you should do, like business gatherings, meetings, project meet-ups, and so on. After you do a few activities, you need to make a report about them. In this matter, using the Business activity report template can be the right choice for you. This template is helpful to report on issues such as projects, finances, budgets, expenditures, and even future company plans. So, get some suitable printable business activity report template samples here as you need them.


What is a business activity report template?

A business activity report template is a pre-designed document that helps you create detailed reports on various business activities. You can use it to report on projects, finances, meetings, etc. This template makes it easy to organise and present important information.

What should be included in a business activity report?

In a business activity report, you should include:

  • Activity Description: Explain what the activity was about.
  • Dates: Note when the activity took place.
  • Involved Parties: List the people or teams involved.
  • Outcomes: Describe the results or outcomes of the activity.
  • Future Plans: Mention any plans or actions that will follow.

Kinds of Business Activity Report Template You Can Download Here

On this page, you can download several kinds of templates freely. They are all provided to fulfil your various needs.

  1. Activity report

This template can be used to report various activities. It is available for no specific purpose for certain activities. You can customise it when you need to report the activities you have done in your business.

  1. Annual report
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This printable business activity report template will help you report any activities you do in your business every year. You can report plans, projects done, and some other activities.

  1. Business activity notice report

You can use this template to report some information about your business activities that need to be noticed.

  1. Free activity report

This template lets the user customise and report any activities freely.

  1. Monthly activity report

When you need to report your business activities monthly, this template is the right choice. It helps you write some information you need to make a monthly report for your business activities.

  1. Establishment activity report

You can use this template report summary of your business activities that have been done for a certain time. It can be a month or a year.

  1. The activity of the finance partnership report

This sample business activity report template is especially for reporting a finance partnership matter in your business. It usually starts with the background and summary of activity in the report.

  1. Activity report format

This report consists of activities called a first subheading, a second subheading, and planning.

  1. Activity survey report

You can choose this template to report a certain survey of specific business activity.

Business Activity Annual Report Template



Business Activity Report Format




Business Activity Survey Report Template



Business Establishment Activity Report Template



Business Finance Partnership Activity Report Template



Free Business Activity Report Template



Monthly Business Activity Report Template



Notice of Business Activity Report Template


The General Features of this Template

You need to know that this template has general features for additional information. What are they? Let’s find out by following the explanation below.

  1. Size

For the size, it is available in A4 and US. Those are the standard size for a business report.

  1. File formats
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This report template is available in Word, PDF, and Pages. It is compatible with three general apps for business use. They are Google Docs, Ms. Word, and Apple Pages. So, to open the template you have downloaded, you can use a device that contains those apps.

Who can use a business activity report template?

Anyone tracking and reporting business activities can use a business activity report template. This includes:

  • Business Owners: To keep track of all business activities and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Managers: To monitor team activities and project progress.
  • Employees: To report on their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Anyone Else: Anyone who needs to document and review business activities.

How do you customise a business activity report template?

To customise a business activity report template:

  1. Open the Template: Use a word processor like MS Word or Google Docs.
  2. Edit the Content: Change the text to fit your specific needs. You can add, remove, or modify sections.
  3. Save Your Changes: Save your customised template once you’ve made the necessary edits.
  4. Use the Template: Start using your customised template for your reports.

Why is a business activity report template important?

A business activity report template is important because:

  • Ensures Documentation: It helps ensure all business activities are thoroughly documented.
  • Easier Management: Makes it easier to manage and review progress.
  • Organised Information: Provides a clear and structured way to present information.
  • Improves Efficiency: Saves time and effort by providing a ready-made report structure.

Using a business activity report template helps keep your business organised and on track, making it easier to achieve your goals.

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That is all the information about the business activity report template sample to share. Whenever you need more samples, please browse some choices here.