11 Free Brand Audit Report Template Samples in PDF and Word

Do you have a brand in the market, store, and any selling place? Having a patent is not enough because your product has a lot of competitors. You must control it regularly using these brand audit report template samples daily. Indeed, many reasons to follow this kind of report in your business. This page will discuss it below, along with free printable brand audit report template samples. Do you need a good way to use the report? Give this case to the page and complete what is necessary here.


What is a brand audit report template?

A brand audit report template is a pre-designed document that helps you create detailed reports on your brand’s activities. It includes information about your brand’s performance, strategy, and position in the market.

What should be included in a brand audit report?

In a brand audit report, you should include:

  • Performance: How well your brand is doing.
  • Market Position: Where your brand stands in the market.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: What does your brand do well, and what needs improvement?
  • Strategic Recommendations: Ideas for how to improve your brand.
  • Competitor Analysis: Information about your competitors.

Who can use a brand audit report template?

Anyone responsible for tracking and improving a brand can use a brand audit report template. This includes:

  • Business Owners
  • Brand Managers
  • Marketers

Why is a brand audit report template important?

A brand audit report template is important because it:

  • Documents All Activities: Ensures you have a complete record of what your brand is doing.
  • Eases Management: It makes managing and reviewing your brand’s progress easier.
  • Improves Strategy: Helps you create better strategies based on your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.
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It helps you keep track of your brand’s performance and make informed decisions to improve your brand.

11 Brand Audit Report Template Samples and How to Undertake it

There are 11 samples of brand audit report templates are free to download. You will need:

  1. Report of Assessment Need & Brand Audit in PDF Template
  2. PDF Report Format of Brand Audit
  3. Sample of PDF Report Format for Brand Audit
  4. Template of Brand Audit Report Sample PDF
  5. Audit Report for Brand Development in PDF Template
  6. Report Sample of Brand Audit from L’Oreal PDF
  7. PDF Audit Report Template for Fitbit Brand
  8. Report Template PDF of Audit for Initial Brand
  9. Example Template Report for Brand Audit in PDF
  10. Brand Audit of Volkswagen in PDF Report
  11. Pages and Word Templates for Report of Brand Audit


Brand Audit & Needs Assessment Report



Brand Audit Report Format



Brand Audit Report Sample



Brand Audit Sample Template



Fitbit Brand Audit Report



GoPro Brand Audit Report




Intial Brand Audit Report



L'Oreal Brand Audit Report


Volkswagen Brand Audit Report


Talking about writing the report is easy because you have held many samples. Quite edit the template that you have downloaded before. This page finds more important information on how to audit the brand.  It consists of 6 steps to undertake:

  • Begin by creating a framework
  • Go on holding a survey
  • Use web analytics
  • Look at the social and sales data
  • Keep monitoring the competitor
  • Afterwards, track the result

5 Importance of the Brand Audit

Okay, you understand the sample of the printable brand audit report template. You can even undertake the audit alone through the six steps. It turns out auditing the brand is very important, and this page has collected five reasons to do it:

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1. Specify your brand position

Undertaking a brand audit is the way to know the brand’s position. It informs of performance, effect, and strategy and sees the report quality.

2. You can find the power and weaknesses of your brand

Both points are available on the data that you collect from the market.

3. It helps to create better strategies

Of course, knowing strengths and weaknesses triggers the create better strategies.

4. It helps to align between the offering and expectation

You can do it easily after seeing the data that describes the profit potential 

5. Brand audit ease to know the perception of your business

Indirectly, you can identify how big the perception of your business

How to Make the Most of a Brand Audit

  • Regular Updates: Conduct regular audits to stay updated on your brand’s performance. This helps you see how your brand is doing over time.
  • Involve Key Stakeholders: Engage team members and stakeholders in the audit process. This ensures you get comprehensive insights and everyone’s input.
  • Actionable Insights: Focus on turning audit findings into actionable strategies. Use what you learn from the audit to make real changes that improve your brand.
  • Monitor Progress: Continuously monitor the progress of your changes. This helps you see if they are working as planned and make adjustments if needed.

By following these steps, you can make the most of your brand audit and ensure your brand stays strong and competitive.

How do you customise a brand audit report template?

To customise a brand audit report template:

  • Open the template using a word processor like MS Word or Google Docs.
  • Edit the content to fit your needs, such as adding your brand’s details and data.
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Besides that, this page still has many reasons. The brand audit will refocus and give the brand direction. You can produce better marketing and counterattack outside threats. It also ensures the brand’s growth and improves management efforts. That is detailed information on the brand audit report template in some samples above. It is easy to use and free to use. Utilise the way to conduct the brand audit and the reasons. Let’s take it! Good luck!