12 Examples of the Handover Report Template

You must know that a handover report template is a written document created by a company’s staff member. He or she wants to change his or her position with another employee. It can be temporary or permanent. Thus, this printable handover report template will help another employee comprehend his duties in his new position. Well, there are so many examples of this handover report that you can use. Here is the available information below.


Tips to Write a Handover Report

If you are confused about writing this report template, these three tips will help you. Here they are.

  1. Describe a sample job description

You need to write a brief job description of yourself in this report.

  1. Evaluate the important details.

You must include your position and the company’s status in this report.

  1. List all the projects.

Please make a list of the projects you worked on! It can help the reader understand your job.

12 Examples of the Handover Report Template

You will see that 12 examples can be your source for writing a handover report. To know more, let’s check those examples one by one!

  1. The template of the free download handover report

This document contains the purpose, response key events, key documents, key activities, and key responsibilities.

  1. The report of business handover

It comprises purpose, action, public or private, corporate strategy, business plan, recommendations, authorship, and appendices.

  1. The template of the project handover report

The declarations, current and proposed grant holders, endorsements, research director, official capacity, date, and signature are included.

  1. The report on transport handover
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This sample handover report template shows approval, project customer, sponsor, name, position, signature, and date.

  1. The template of the shift handover report

It covers the company name, shift key personnel, product summary, workforce hours, and actions required on the next shift.

  1. The template of the employee handover report

What about this one? It includes the employee’s name, job title, reason for work, taken over, tasks, and status.

  1. The report template of the project handover

The elements include project title, objective, overview, outcomes, and status.

  1. The template of the handover report

It contains the company’s name, job title, logo, contact number, email address, and website address.

  1. The report of job handover

How about this report template? It has name, store, final handover date, requirements, completion date, and completed sign.

  1. The template of the asset handover report

This handover report template sample shows the employee name and code, department, asset transfer number, handover date, particulars, asset code, quantity, and remarks.

  1. The format of the handover report PDF

There will be the title, project name, handed over by, taken over by, hand over, note, place, date, and signature sheet.

  1. The template of handover procedures

You should write a volunteer exit checklist, a volunteer handover report, an action plan, and a name, position, time, item, details, and date completed.

Best Practices for Effective Handover Reports

To ensure your handover report is comprehensive and useful, follow these best practices:

  1. Be Clear and Concise: Use clear language and avoid jargon to ensure the report is easy to understand.
  2. Include Contact Information: Include your contact information if the new employee needs further clarification.
  3. Use Visuals: Incorporate charts, tables, or diagrams to represent complex information visually.
  4. Regular Updates: If the handover is temporary, update the report to reflect any changes or new developments.
  5. Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback mechanism to ensure the new employee can provide input on the handover process and report.
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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Handover Reports

It’s important to avoid common mistakes that can hinder the effectiveness of the transition. Here are some pitfalls to watch out for:

  1. Lack of Detail: Insufficient details can confuse and surprise the new employee. Ensure your report is thorough and includes all necessary information.
  2. Inconsistent Information: Make sure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. Inconsistent or outdated information can lead to misunderstandings and errors.
  3. Ignoring Critical Tasks: Don’t overlook any tasks, especially critical ones. Ensure that all important duties are documented.
  4. Not Including Deadlines: Include deadlines and timeframes for ongoing projects and tasks to help the new employee manage their time effectively.
  5. Lack of Personal Touch: While maintaining professionalism, adding a personal touch, such as a brief note or tips for success, can be very helpful for the new employee.

Handover Report Template

Blank Handover Note Template


Building Inspection Handover Report


Business Handover Report


Commissioning and Handover Report


Handover Report PDF Format


Compliance Officer Handover Report


handover notes prepared by the Reporting Officer



Handover Procedures Template


Project Handover Report Template




Transport Handover Report


How to Customize Your Handover Report Template

Customizing your handover report template ensures it meets the specific needs of your role and organization. Here are some tips:

  1. Add Company Branding: Include your company’s logo and branding elements to maintain a professional look.
  2. Tailor Content: Adjust the template to include specific details relevant to your role and responsibilities.
  3. Update Regularly: Make sure the template is updated with the latest information and changes in your duties.
  4. Use Software Tools: To customize and maintain your template, use software tools like MS Word, Google Docs, or specialized handover software.
  5. Create Sections for Different Information: Divide the template into sections for tasks, contacts, ongoing projects, deadlines, and any other relevant information.
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This handover report template printable has some template kinds and tips for writing it. Just apply it as well as you can!