8 Free Environmental Audit Report: A Form to Assess

What can you define as an environmental audit report? Yeah, you need to recognize that this kind of audit report is a document that describes the company’s evaluation. It is related to the processes of helping the environment. You can also find suggestions and a plan for action on environmental performance. You may get this report template in this printable ecological audit report. To know more, let’s check those kinds in detail!


What is an Environmental Audit Report Template?

A ready-made document for recording and analyzing a company’s environmental performance.

Who Should Use an Environmental Audit Report Template?

It should be used by:

  • Environmental Managers: To track and improve the company’s environmental practices.
  • Compliance Officers: To ensure the company follows environmental regulations.
  • Anyone Responsible for Environmental Performance: Ensure environmental efforts are recorded and assessed properly.

Benefits of Regular Environmental Audits

Regular environmental audits offer several benefits:

  • Identify Issues Early: Regular audits help spot problems before they become serious.
  • Improve Efficiency: By finding areas that need improvement, you can make your processes more efficient.
  • Ensure Compliance: Regular audits ensure your company follows all environmental laws and regulations.
  • Enhance Reputation: Showing your company cares about the environment can improve your reputation with customers and partners.

6 Kinds of the Environmental Audit Report

There will be six kinds of audit reports on the environmental that you can use. Are you curious about those kinds? If the answer is true, please follow the information carefully!

1. The report of environmental audit

This first report template describes the compliance environmental audit. Some elements should be included in this report. What are they? The loan number, reporting period, financed by, prepared by, amended by, and endorsed by will be included.

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2. The sample of a formal audit report

What can you find in this sample environmental audit report? This report includes the company’s name, address, phone number, email, title, prepared by, and date.

3. The report sample of the environmental audit

It is included in the sample report template. Why can it be like that? Yeah, it is because there are just the elements of the title and date.

4. The audit report of management environmental

What about this kind of audit report template? The main elements in this report include the title, subject, date, logo of the company, and prepared by.

5. The report of a simple environmental audit

Then, this environmental audit report sample will tell the title, address of the company, prepared for, and date. Besides, there are also elements of the company logo, complete address, phone number, and email.

6. The report of an environmental compliance audit

How about this kind of audit report template? It covers important elements like the project, site characterisation, draft, title, date, and organisation logo.

Kenya Audit Report



lot 8896 Darwin NT Environmental Audit



RSA Environmental Audit Report



Waste Management Sanitation Environmental Audit



Environment Audit Report



Environmental Audit Report



Environmental Compliance audit draft



Independent Environmental Audit Report



3 Significant Things in the Audit Report of Environmental

When you write this kind of audit report, you should include these three things below. What are they? Here they are.

1. An internal review

You must first include an internal review of procedures and systems in this environmental audit report. What does it mean? Yea, it means the steps used to measure and document the environment’s performance.

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2. An internal or external justification

Then the second thing is justification. It can be internal or external. In this case, it focuses on the rationale for a business in environmental management systems.

3. Independent evaluations

The last one is the independent evaluations and assessment. Third parties or external experts and professionals do it. Exactly, the review is about where the organization stands in the environment. On the other hand, it is also related to social performance and management processes.

Why Use an Environmental Audit Report Template?

Using a template has many benefits:

  • Saves Time: It helps you start quickly without creating a report from scratch.
  • Ensures Consistency: It provides a standard format, so all reports look the same and are easily understood.
  • Tracks Environmental Efforts Accurately: It helps you correctly record and track environmental data.

How To Use an Environmental Audit Report Template?

Here are the steps to use:

Download the Template:

Find a template that fits your needs and download it.

Customize the Template

Modify the template to suit your requirements, such as adding your company’s logo.

Fill in the Details

Enter the necessary environmental data, like procedures, evaluations, and action plans.

Analyze the Data

Look for patterns and trends in the data you’ve entered.

Report on Findings

Share the completed report with relevant stakeholders to inform them about environmental performance.


Well, it is about the printable environmental audit report you can find. Have a nice day learning and choosing the desired kinds!