10 Employee Expense Report Template in Professional Designs

Offices always provide a current budget for their employees, which is necessary outside of the salary. However, the funds they get are only for official or job activities. They must submit it in the employee expense report template each month or year. Truthfully, the fund they find in their pocket for the official interest is a form of compensation. They must report it in a detailed document, such as the sample employee expense report template below. Of course, it is the best tool for making this report document.


What is an Employee Expense Report Template?

It is a document used to record job-related expenses for reimbursement. This template helps employees report their expenses accurately and get compensated.

Employee Expense Report’s Benefits that you will get

It is never complete when a topic of the free online template is without following the benefits. This page has collected some advantages that you will surely, get:

1. It contains detailed basic information

What is the detailed information on the expense report? The columns on the template are ready to fill. Start by filling in the date, employee’s name, description, and the manager account that approved the expense.

2. It has some collaborative features in one item

The template has collaborative features such as reminders, attachments, and alerts as the cooperation form.

3. The office can avoid inappropriate expenses

Lastly, it helps the employee or the company from occurring to maintain accuracy and prevent inappropriate expenses.

What Should Be Included in an Employee Expense Report?

Include these details in an employee expense report:

  • Date: When the expense occurred.
  • Employee Name: Who incurred the expense?
  • Expense Description: What was the expense for?
  • Amount: How much was spent?
  • Manager Approval: Signature or approval from a manager.
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10 Examples of Employee Expense Report Template in Various Formats

You and your business need this free printable employee expense report template based on the explanation above. It is more than free to download and customise; it is ready to use. However, the template can give information on the expenditure for specific places. The features above will be their time saver because they do not need to search the basic terms. On the other hand, the employees should not make the report from scratch. The report template appeared to have a complete structure to fill out, although they did not understand the proper framework.

By the way, there are ten options for the employee expense report template sample free printable. They are high-quality features that are free for everyone:

  1. Word, Docs, and Pages Report Template on the Employee Expense
  2. Travel Employee Expense Report in Docs, Pages, and Word Templates
  3. Pages and Word Expenses Template for Employee Report
  4. Template for Formal Employee Expense Report in Word and Pages
  5. Word Employee Template Format for Professional Expense Report
  6. Expense Report Template Free Printable in Word and Pages for Employee Training
  7. Editable Expense Report Template for Employee Incident in Pages and Word
  8. Basic Template of Expense Report for Employee
  9. Template for Report of Domestic Employee Expense
  10. Weekly Expense Report Template for Employee

employee free expense report


free employee expense report



free employee weekly expense report



Employee Expense Report Template 01

Employee Expense Report Template 02

Employee Expense Report Template 03


Employee Expense Report Template 04


Why Use an Employee Expense Report Template?

Using an employee expense report template:

  • Ensures Accurate Reporting: Makes sure all expenses are reported correctly.
  • Saves Time: Provides a ready-to-use format, so employees don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Prevents Inappropriate Expenses: Helps avoid reporting invalid or non-work-related expenses.
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How to Use an Employee Expense Report Template

Using an employee expense report template is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Template: Choose the format that suits your needs (Word, Docs, Pages).
  2. Fill in the Details: Enter the date, employee name, expense description, and amount.
  3. Attach Receipts: Add any necessary receipts or documents as attachments.
  4. Submit for Approval: Send the completed report to the manager or relevant authority for approval.
  5. Keep a Copy: Save a copy of the report for your records.

How Do You Customize an Employee Expense Report Template?

You can customise the template by:

  • Adding Your Company’s Logo: Makes the report look official.
  • Changing Sections: Modify the template to fit your company’s needs.
  • Including Specific Details: Add any extra information relevant to the expense.

Using an employee expense report template makes expense reporting easy and efficient. It ensures that all necessary details are included and helps maintain accuracy. Download a template today to streamline your expense reporting process!

Okay, that is detailed information on the printable employee expense report template. The function of the report is not only for the employee but also for the office. Do not skip this document because you will surely assign your employee to exit duty. It represents you in a meeting or finding something that interests your business. Well, thank you for reading this information today. Feel free to use it because this page presents it only for you. Good luck!