10 Free Corrective Action Report Template

Do you sometimes need help managing the proper quality of your company? If so, you need a written report that simplifies you report any matters to evaluate. In this case, the corrective action report template is your best choice. It offers a draft that can guide you in writing details or information about corrective action. So, use this template to ensure your company’s quality management is managed correctly. If you need samples of this printable corrective action report template, go to this page. You can find templates that can fit your company’s condition.


The Purposes of the Corrective Action Report Template

This kind of report template has great purposes that can help you properly manage your company’s quality. Here are the top three purposes you can know.

1. Respond to a customer complaint

To serve customers as well as possible is a must if you have a business running a company. When complaints come to your company, you must respond to them wisely. You can do it using a written document explaining your responses to that complaint. So, this template will simplify how you respond to customer complaints or suggestions.

2. Evaluate audit finding

In a company, audit evidence needs to be evaluated to ensure the company’s proper quality. By evaluating it, you can compare the audit evidence in your company to the audit criteria. With this template, you can write some information containing audit findings to evaluate some days later. So, it will be helpful to maintain that matter.

3. Maintain the non-compliance finding

This template also lets you maintain the non-compliance findings that can keep your company quality sound.

4. Conduct undertaking

Last, you can use this corrective action report template printable to conduct any undertaking in your company. Thus, your company will find it easier to manage business activity every time.

Corrective Action Report Template

Corrective Action Form qs 141A

Corrective Action Form-qs-141A
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Corrective Action Report

Corrective Action Report

corrective action plan template 02


corrective action plan template 03


corrective action plan template 05


corrective action plan template 09


corrective action plan template 10


corrective action plan template 11


corrective action plan template 15



File Formats of the Sample Corrective Action Report Template

Some samples of this template are available here in two formats. Let’s check them out below.

1. Word

This format offers several benefits. One of them is that it is easier to customize the template. You certainly need to customize it properly to fit the details in the template to your company’s condition. So, choose this format if you need to edit the contents of this template.

2. PDF

If you choose PDF format, you can print it out directly. After that, you can write in the printed report template if you need to add a little information.

Who Can Use a Corrective Action Report Template?

Here’s a closer look at who can benefit from using this template:

  • Business Owners: Business owners can use the template to ensure their company maintains high-quality standards. It helps them monitor and document any corrective actions taken to address issues, ensuring the overall quality of the business remains strong.
  • Managers: Managers oversee different departments and ensure everything runs smoothly. They can use the template to document problems and the steps taken to solve them, which helps maintain a consistent quality of work across all departments.
  • Quality Assurance Officers: Quality assurance officers focus on maintaining the quality of products and services. They use the template to record quality issues and the corrective actions taken, ensuring that all quality problems are addressed promptly and effectively.
  • Anyone Responsible for Managing Company Quality: The template can be used by any team member responsible for quality management. It provides a clear and structured way to document issues and corrective actions, making managing and improving the company’s quality standards easier.

What Should Be Included in a Corrective Action Report?

It should include details to ensure the issue is appropriately documented and addressed. Here’s what you should include in the report:

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Issue Identified

Clearly describe the problem or issue that was identified. This helps in understanding what needs to be corrected.

Steps Taken to Correct It

List the actions taken to fix the problem. This section should be detailed to ensure that anyone reading the report can understand the implemented corrective measures.

Responsible Parties

Identify who was responsible for addressing the issue. This could include individuals or teams within the company.


Include the dates when the issue was identified and the corrective actions were taken. This helps track progress and ensure timely resolution.


Describe the results of the corrective actions. This section should explain whether the issue was resolved successfully and what impact the corrective actions had on the overall quality.

All necessary information is documented, making it easier to manage and resolve quality issues within the company.

How Can I Customize a Corrective Action Report Template?

Customising a corrective action report template is easy and can be done in a few simple steps:

Open the Template

First, open the template using a word processor like MS Word or Google Docs.

Edit the Content

Change the headings and sections to match your specific needs. For example, add sections for different departments or types of issues.

Add your company’s logo and contact information to give the report a professional look.

Include Specific Details

Include fields for all the necessary details, such as the issue identified, steps taken to correct it, responsible parties, timelines, and outcomes.

Tailor the template to include any specific terms or procedures unique to your company.

Save the Customized Template

After making all the changes, save the template to use again. This will save you time when you need to create a new report.

How Often Should I Update My Corrective Action Report Template?

Keeping your corrective action report template up-to-date is essential. Here’s when you should update it:

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Changes in Reporting Standards

Update the template whenever your company needs to follow new reporting standards or regulations. This ensures that your reports are always compliant with the latest rules.

After Significant Corrective Actions

If your company’s processes have changed significantly or if significant corrective actions have been taken, update the template to reflect these changes. This keeps the template relevant and useful.

How Can a Corrective Action Report Template Help in Managing Company Quality?

Using a corrective action report template can significantly improve how you manage your company’s quality. Here’s how:

  1. Provides a Structured Format: The template gives you a clear and organised way to document issues and corrective actions. This structure makes it easy to ensure that all necessary information is included.
  2. Simplifies the Process: Having a ready-made template saves time and effort. You don’t have to create a new report from scratch whenever an issue arises.
  3. Ensures Complete Documentation: The template, with all the required fields and sections, helps ensure that no critical details are missed. This thorough documentation is crucial for tracking issues and improvements.
  4. Improves Review and Follow-up: A well-documented report makes reviewing the corrective actions taken and their outcomes easier. This helps assess the effectiveness of the actions and plan future improvements.

Using a corrective action report template can help you manage and improve your company’s quality more efficiently. It helps ensure that all quality issues are documented, reviewed, and resolved systematically.

By seeing the purposes, you need this template as a written document to evaluate anything in your company. You can do it, especially if it concerns corrective action. So, don’t miss the corrective action report template sample by finding samples here without any charge you should spend. Have an excellent browse!