20 Investigation Report Template Free Printable

Do you lack information on the investigation report template?  Satisfy your curiosity here because this page comes with complete details. The investigation report is a document that records an incident in the past. Detectives, police, companies, and related parties have full authority to write it. The content contains facts to determine a course of action. Let’s see the next information and numerous sample investigation report templates. Do not leave this page until you are satisfied. Always follow this page!


What is an Investigation Report Template?

It is a Pre-designed document, A ready-made document for creating detailed investigation reports.

Why Use an Investigation Report Template?

Accurate Documentation

Templates ensure that incidents are documented accurately.

Systematic Organization

It helps organize information clearly and systematically.

No Details Overlooked

Ensures no important details are missed.

Time and Effort Saving

It saves time and effort, making your work more efficient.

Guided Process

Guides you through the process so you include all necessary details.

Types of Investigation Reports

Before presenting the many options for investigation reports, let’s understand the four main types:

Primary or Introductory Report:

Describes the investigation goals with data from clients or other sources.

Progress Report:

Follows up on the prior report and includes new data from the latest actions.

Final Report:

States the results of the investigation.

Supplemental Report:

Closes the investigation or case after receiving new information.

A quick way to make a professional Investigation Report

Utilize the sample to make an excellent investigation report template printable. This page has provided five steps for accomplishing your purpose:

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Gather the necessary information

Well, only gather and present the required information in detail in the report. 

Write the report’s purpose.

Okay, writing the purpose of the report is essential because it makes the report easier to write.

Specify the goals and objectives.

In reality, both are the most crucial things you must reach within a specific period.

Involve the accurate facts.

Your report must have perfect content because it must be to the point. That is why you should only provide accurate facts, not beat around the bush.

Always review after finishing.

Review the content, design, type, format, typo, grammar, etc. This final step can determine and have a big role in the future.

What Should Be Included in an Investigation Report Template?


  • Brief overview of the investigation.
  • Purpose of the report.

Incident Details:

  • Date and time of the incident.
  • The location where the incident occurred.

People Involved:

  • Names and roles of individuals involved.
  • Contact information.

Description of the Incident:

  • A detailed narrative of what happened.
  • Witness statements and observations.

Evidence Collected:

  • Photos, videos, and documents.
  • Any physical evidence collected.


  • Interpretation of the evidence.
  • Possible causes and contributing factors.


  • Summary of findings.
  • Determination of responsibility.


  • Suggested actions to prevent future incidents.
  • Any corrective measures to be taken.


  • Signatures of the investigator and other relevant parties.

All necessary information is included, making your investigation reports thorough and professional.

20 Investigation Report Template Examples Based on the Types

Anyway, you can create one of the types through one of 20 investigation report template samples:

  1. Investigation Status in PDF Template Report
  2. PDF Investigation Report for Site Template
  3. Template for Investigation Report Grievance PDF
  4. Report for Fire Investigation in PDF Template
  5. Disciplinary Investigation Report  in PDF Template
  6. PDF Template of Environment Report
  7. Report Template for Accident Investigation in PDF
  8. Incident Investigation in PDF Template Report
  9. Template PDF Format for Report of Internal Investigation
  10. PDF Report Template for Employee Incident Investigation  
  11. Word and Pages Template of Report for Workplace Investigation
  12. Template Report for HR Investigation in Pages and Word
  13. Audit Report of Investigation Template Word and Pages
  14. Report for Presentence Investigation in Docs, Word, and Pages Templates
  15. Investigation for Incident and Accident in Report Templates Word, Pages, and Docs
  16. Docs Report for Incident Investigation Template Editable
  17. HR Investigation Report in Editable Docs Template
  18. Workplace Investigation in Editable Report Template Docs
  19. Docs, Word, and Pages Templates for Investigation Report
  20. Audit Investigation Report in Editable Docs Templates
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Accident Investigation Report Template




Disciplinary Investigation Report Template




Employee Investigation Report Template



Environment Investigation Report Template



Fire Investigation Report Template



Grievance Investigation Report Template



Incident Investigation Report Template




Investigation Status Report Template



Internal Investigation Report Template


Site Investigation Report Template


Best Practices for Writing an Investigation Report

To create an effective investigation report, consider these best practices:

  1. Be Transparent: Provide clear and honest information about the incident.
  2. Detail the Incident: Include specific examples and facts to give a complete picture.
  3. Highlight Findings: Discuss key findings and how they impact the investigation.
  4. Suggest Actions: Recommend actions based on the findings to address the issue.
  5. Use Visuals: Incorporate photos, charts, or diagrams to make the report more engaging.

What do you think about the printable investigation report template today? Utilise it, or you will be more troubled by your heavy duties.