Executive Resume Example as Writing Guidelines

Following the best examples in anything could be the best way to be able to produce the best within that respective matter just as in writing executive resume by paying attention to the best executive resume example available in many sources. Today the examples as well as templates can easily be obtained simply by browsing through the internet. Some of them are free to download so that it can be said that writing a good resume is somewhat easy today due to the many examples and templates available. So, how does a good executive resume look like?


Simple but Serious

One of the most essential aspects in writing a good executive resume is by making sure that the resume is actually simple in its appeal but serious in its contents. It means that there should not be that colorful appeal at all within the resume. There should not be a portrait at all like other types of resume. All things that can be included in the resume are just written information about anything related to the individual and the job.


The resume should be started by describing the overview of the individual regarding the job itself. Usually it is started by the job title then all information about the individual will be described in the easiest language possible. The first section should be in one paragraph followed by several points showing the qualifications of the individual related to the job itself.

Career Highlights

Following the overview section of the resume as in the executive resume example, the next section is actually the highlights of the career of the individual itself. Surely when it is an executive resume there have been some experiences within the respective field of the job. Thus within this particular section all things related to the previous job that form a set of experience should be described clearly.

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Education and Other Experience

One last section to describe within a good executive resume should consist of both the education background as well as other experience of the individual. This section should not be too long since as a matter of fact the information within this section is somewhat less important compared to the other sections.

Once all of that essential information is included within the resume then it will be just a matter of format and all technical aspects to make it the best. Ensuring that there is no mistakes in the spelling of the words are essential since it is an executive resume. Simple mistakes will definitely ruin the professionalism of the individual. The length of the resume itself is also important to pay attention since a resume that is too long is never a good one.

Writing a professional looking executive resume may not be that easy but there are so many examples and guides that can be followed to be able to produce a decent one. Within a good executive resume example there should be individual overview, career highlights, plus education and experience within the simple but serious ideas.

Resume example finance executive

resume example finance executive

resume example finance executive

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Executive Summary Resume

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