Accomplishment Report Free Printable With 11 Steps to Create It

Accomplishment report, what for and where to use it? Everyone may use it and give it to other people. A report is a form of an appreciation of an accomplishment both in work and different goals. You can provide it to your workers so they can record their achievements in finishing the job or target. The students may also have it to measure their progress in learning current lessons. This tool is flexible for all people, anything from the background. Employers often ask for printable accomplishment reports to learn how to gain success.


11 Steps for Creating a Report of Accomplishment

Go on the steps to make a professional report for any accomplishment. This page has provided 11 steps to pass, such as below:

1.  Begin with the paragraph of summary

Make the summary, not two pages, although it provides an entire report overview. It does not need much unimportant information, so give it briefly. If you are a non-profit company, you can hold successful events or create partnerships that benefit your organisation.

2.  Backup your summary in detail

In the second step, you will back up the summary above. You may use the outline form to organise different areas and use sub-sections. On the other hand, bullets or letters should be used to list the points of the summary.

3.  Use professional format

Your report must look perfect and professional, so use the right format, font, and style. Set the title and other parties rightly.

4.  Know when to write all accomplishment

Writing it as soon as possible is better so you do not forget or skip it.

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5.  Remind your goals and performance expectations to people

They need to know more than one time about your goals and expectations.

6.  Add visual support

It can be in the form of an image, chart, or graphic.

7.  Concentrate on the actions, challenges, and results

Do not forget about three things to accomplish, like action and challenge, before the result.

8.  Disclose your methodology

It is legal to convey the methods you use to accomplish your goal. Moreover, it is inspiring.

9.  Keep focusing on the Accomplishments

Focus on accomplishment, although you face many obstacles.

10.  Describe your value

You must explain your value to reach your goal.

11.  Proofread the report

Do not submit the report before proofreading it; ensure no mistakes.

3 Free Examples of Accomplishment Reports Word and PDF

By the way, this page has 3 sample accomplishment report templates that are free to download. They are a high-quality tool that is ready-made anytime without difficulty. It contains all the necessary points, even things that beginners never consider. Same as the other, free downloading and customising has become the nature of the templates. So, you keep having a personal look, although you never made it from the earlier.

People dream of using free downloading in Word and PDF template formats conveniently. Turn back to the accomplishment report sample, here are for you:

1.      Sample Report Template for Information Services Accomplishment

AADMER Accomplishment Report 2010 2015 v1.5


2.      Report of Accomplishment Example for Nature Conservation

accomplishments report2010


3.      PDF Report Template of Accomplishment

is accomplishment report july dec 2011


Common Mistakes to Avoid in Accomplishment Reports

To ensure your accomplishment report is effective, avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Being Too Vague: Provide specific details about the accomplishments and the people involved.
  2. Overlooking Visual Elements: Neglecting to include visual aids like charts and graphs can make the report less engaging.
  3. Ignoring the Audience: Tailor the report to meet the needs and expectations of your audience.
  4. Failing to Proofread: Errors can undermine the professionalism of your report. Always proofread carefully.
  5. Using Unprofessional Language: Maintain a formal and professional tone throughout the report.
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That is detailed information on accomplishment report printable free download in Word and PDF. Happy trying!


  1. What is an accomplishment report?

An accomplishment report documents achievements and successes in various fields, such as work, education, or personal projects. It serves as a form of appreciation and recognition.

  1. Who can use an accomplishment report?

An accomplishment report can be used by anyone, including employers, employees, students, and individuals. It is a flexible tool for documenting and recognising achievements.

  1. How can I customise an accomplishment report template?

You can customise the template by adding your details, company logo, specific accomplishments, and visual elements like charts or images. Ensure the content is relevant and tailored to your needs.

  1. Why is it important to use visual aids in an accomplishment report?

Visual aids like charts and graphs help illustrate key points and data, making the report more engaging and easier to understand.

  1. How often should I update my accomplishment report?

Updating your accomplishment report regularly is recommended, especially after significant achievements or milestones. This ensures that all important accomplishments are documented promptly.

  1. What should I include in the summary of an accomplishment report?

The summary should briefly summarise the entire report, highlighting the most significant accomplishments and outcomes. Keep it concise and focused.

  1. How can I ensure my accomplishment report is professional?

Use a professional format, choose the right font and style, proofread the report for errors, and maintain a formal tone. Including visual aids and a well-organized structure also contributes to professionalism.