13 Free Weekly Report Template in Various Formats

What do you get from a free weekly report template? You might not know that it is flexible based on anything you need in your business. The next character is easy to reuse, and you may edit or customize the prior template. It implies downloading one printable free weekly report template to fulfil many reports. Once more, the templates here are simple so that you will easily follow and customise the content. Yeah, each report needs brief but readable content.


Why is a weekly report template important?

A weekly report template is important because it:

  • Helps record all tasks and progress for the week.
  • Provides a clear overview of what has been done and what needs attention.
  • You can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.

Using these templates helps you stay on top of your work and ensures that everything important is noticed.

Element of Weekly Report Template

The weekly report template itself has four essential components:

  1. Date: The report should include the date and the deadline.
  2. Project Criteria: Specify the criteria for the project.
  3. Detailed Description: Provide a detailed description of the project.

Weekly Report Template samples

Following are five free weekly report template samples that many companies often need:

1.  Sales Report

When it comes to monitoring a company’s weekly sales by following the quantity and profit of the products sold, the template is useful for developing better business strategies for the future.

2.  Academic Report

Of course, it is for students, instructors, and related parties. You can use it to measure academic performance and personal development to improve students.

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3.  Expense Report

The template details the expenses per week. Then, it helps to allocate resources to the fund or budget in the right place. 

4.  Safety Report

Next, you need to have the weekly report template for the safety of the business and the company. The report can create the basic regular of the safety inspections. Besides that, it ensures the workplace location is as safe as they want.

5.  Project Report

Lastly, the weekly project report effectively informs how well a project is done based on the schedule or budget.

Quite follow 4 Steps to Write Weekly Report.

Let’s write your weekly report in four steps, such as below, without forgetting the date. It will present detailed information that is appropriate to your purpose:

Use the weekend as the date

This implies you must write the report over the weekend by showing the date of the making process.

Detailed job information

The next step refers to the client’s name, address, contact person, and the rest.

Use table

Choose the template with a table for the day, work hours, etc.

Closure project report

Fourth, you must include all statements of the information as the closing in a closure project report.

13 Free Weekly Report Template

Athletic Weekly Progress Report



Construction Weekly Progress Report




Contractor Weekly Safety Report



Employee Weekly Time Report



Manager Weekly Report




Internship Weekly Progress Report




.Marketing Manager Weekly Report



Project Weekly Progress Report



Project Weekly Status Report



Sales Representative Weekly Report



Student Internship Weekly Report



Student Weekly Progress Report


Benefits of Using a Weekly Report Template

Using a weekly report template offers several benefits:

  1. Saves Time: Templates provide a ready-made structure, reducing the time needed to create a report from scratch.
  2. Ensures Consistency: All reports follow the same format, making them easier to compare and review.
  3. Improves Accuracy: Templates often include guidelines and prompts to ensure all necessary information is included and correctly formatted.
  4. Enhances Professionalism: A well-designed template gives your report a professional look, improving your company’s credibility.
  5. Facilitates Compliance: Templates help ensure your report meets all regulatory requirements and standards.
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Who Can Use a Weekly Report Template?

These templates can be used by business owners, managers, students, instructors, and anyone who needs to keep track of weekly progress. They help everyone stay organised and document all tasks and activities.

  1. Business Owners:
    • Keep track of company progress
    • Monitor sales and expenses
    • Plan future strategies
  2. Managers:
    • Supervise team activities
    • Ensure projects stay on schedule
    • Track employee performance
  3. Students:
    • Record academic achievements
    • Track homework and projects
    • Stay organised with school tasks
  4. Instructors:
    • Monitor student progress
    • Plan lessons and assignments
    • Evaluate academic performance
  5. Anyone Tracking Progress:
    • Stay organised with weekly tasks
    • Document achievements and challenges
    • Plan for improvements and future goals

A weekly report template helps everyone stay on top of their work, ensuring everything is remembered and noticed. It’s a simple tool that makes a big difference in managing tasks and activities efficiently.

How to customise a weekly report template

To customise a weekly report template, follow these steps:

  1. Open the template using a word processor like MS Word or Google Docs.
  2. Edit the content to fit your specific needs. You can add, remove, or modify sections as required.
  3. Save your changes and start using the template for your reports.

Okay, that is detailed information on the free weekly report template printable. Use it as well as possible based on the type and steps. Check again before submitting the report. Good luck!