10 Forensic Audit Report Template Ideas

What do you think when hearing the word forensic? It describes a case of a criminal, a part of the hospital that identifies a body.  Today, this page brings the topic of a forensic audit report template. Perhaps the meaning is larger than the murder case, and you can see it from the sample forensic audit report template. The forensic audit itself is an action to evaluate or check the company or individual finances. Later, the result is useful for prosecuting someone or a party in court.


Why does the company use the report?

By the way, what is the function of the printable forensic report template? Well, three reasons why you or your company use the report as the best key to prosecuting someone. It is such as:


There are three categories of corruption within your company: conflict of interest, bribery, and extortion. Yeah, those are the general causes of corruption’s emergence.

Accidentally asset misappropriation

It is normal when you or your employee accidentally commit asset misappropriation. You or the person handling it are human, and many factors can make them imperfect. Nonetheless, it does not matter if you understand their condition and let it happen. Here, you can see the function of the report.  

Financial statement fraud  from the insider

Fraud is everywhere and can even emerge from the people who get high-credible from you. They were looking for a job earlier, but they committed financial fraud the next day.

10 Forensic Audit Report Template Ideas and Some Essential Information

Ten forensic audit report template samples will be downloaded without a charge. Knowing samples that are ready-made with customizing features is very useful and important. Moreover, the template that has various format files is your first step to start for writing a report:

  1.     Selected Payroll Forensic Audit in PDF Report Template
  2.     Report Template of Forensic Audit Procedure in PDF
  3.     Example of Audit Report Template PDF for Forensic
  4.     Audit Report Template PDF for Kenya Arid Lands
  5.     PDF Forensic Report Template in Audit Consulting Procedures
  6.     Report Template Sample for Business of Forensic Internal Fraud
  7.     Forensic Audit Investigation on PDF Report Template
  8.     Docs, Pages, and Word Templates for Forensic Audit Report
  9.     Report Template PDF for Mobile Phone Forensic Audit
  10. PDF Report Template for Forensic Audit of City Controller
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City Controller Forensic Audit Report



Forensic Audit of Mobile Phone


forensic audit of select payroll and overtime practices


Forensic Audit Procedures


forensic audit report


Kenya Arid Lands Forensic Audit Report


Report on Forensic Audit Consulting Procedures


report on forensic audit investigation


Sample Internal Fraud Report for Businessess


 How to Customize Your Forensic Audit Report Template

Customizing your forensic audit report template ensures it meets specific needs. Here are some tips:

  1. Add Company Branding: Include your company’s logo and branding elements to maintain a professional look.
  2. Tailor the Content: Adjust the template to include specific financial details relevant to your audit.
  3. Update Regularly: Ensure the template is updated with the latest information and changes.
  4. Use Software Tools: To customise and maintain your template, use software tools like MS Word, Google Docs, or specialised audit software.
  5. Create Sections for Different Financial Information: Divide the template into income, expenses, savings, and other relevant financial data sections.

4 Steps for Undertaking Forensic Audit

Here, you will learn four steps to undertake a forensic audit. You will start from:

  1.     Make a plan

Planning can include the time to start, how to run the mission, and the supporting tool if prompt.

  1.     Go on gathering evidence.

Next, you must go on gathering evidence that you use to report, which is useful for the court processing. 

  1.     Start to report it.

After feeling enough to gather the evidence, soon report it. Go to the police along with your invention (evidence).

  1.     Run the court processing.

Lastly, you will follow the court process to prosecute the fraud or corruptor.


What is a forensic audit report?

A forensic audit report evaluates and checks a company’s or individual’s finances, providing crucial evidence for legal proceedings.

Who can use a forensic audit report template?

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These templates can be used by business owners, auditors, legal professionals, and financial managers to document and analyse financial activities.

How can I customise a forensic audit report template?

You can customise the template by adding your company’s details, specific financial data, and visual elements like charts or graphs.

Why is a forensic audit report important?

It helps evaluate financial status, identify fraud, and provide evidence for legal actions.

How often should I update my forensic audit report?

Update your forensic audit report regularly, especially after significant financial transactions or when new evidence is found.

What should be included in a forensic audit report?

Include sections for financial analysis, evidence gathered for fraud identification and recommendations for legal actions.

How can a forensic audit report help in managing company finances?

It provides a structured way to track financial activities, identify fraud, and ensure financial transparency and integrity.

Okay, that’s detailed information on the printable forensic audit report template. Hopefully, you’ll just have it to protect and prevent any fraud. Good luck!